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How to Maintain Mental Well-being Without Traveling

Despite being told by scientists, we experience it ourselves that traveling makes us happy, busting our stress, and fulfilling our life. So we get into a line that exploring a new place is good for our mental and emotional health.

But, the Covid-19 pandemic which is very contagious forces us to stay home. Traveling turns into a life-threatening activity. Amidst this unexpected situation, what can we do to maintain our mental well-being? Here we gather several tips by the expert.


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Masashi Soga in his article Gardening is beneficial for health: A meta-analysis reported a wide range of health outcomes from gardening, such as reductions in depression, anxiety, and body mass index, as well as increases in life satisfaction and quality of life. 

Doesn’t it sound like a good effect of traveling too? As long as the appeal for self-isolation has not been revoked by the government, let’s start outdoor or indoor gardening. Besides being good for mental well-being, gardening will certainly also make the yard or room in our house more beautiful.


NIKKI CafeJennifer Utter in Adolescent Cooking Abilities and Behaviors: Associations With Nutrition and Emotional Well-Being issued that relationships between cooking and health may include measures beyond nutrition, such as social relationships and emotional well-being. The article reported that cooking ability was positively associated with lower levels of depressive symptoms, greater mental well-being, and stronger family connections. However, this article also reports that the greater cooking ability was associated with a higher body mass index. So, pay attention to the size of your portions.


Shading Between The Lines

NIKKI Peucang Resort Coloring books lately is reserved not only for children and emerged as the new trend. Cheryl A. Barrett in Adult Coloring Books: Patterns for Stress Relief revealed that adults coloring books are more abstract, require more dexterity and contain calming subject matter created in intricate patterns. She also said that patterned coloring books can be considered a form of art therapy that anyone experiencing the sign and symptoms of stress can easily do. This mindfulness activity keeps you focused in the present moment on a task and gives you a break from the chatter of worry, fear, and anxiety that causes stress.

After trying those activities, please share photos of your cooking or coloring results on social media. Positive posting will transmit the good spirit to others. Don’t forget to tag @nikkipeucang :).

Of course, we all hope this pandemic will end soon. So do we. Even facing the 2019 tsunami doesn’t feel this hard. Let’s beat the virus and see you at the beach.

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