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Remote Place doesn’t Mean Safest Place to Visit, You Need an Accommodation That is Able to Apply Social Distancing Practices

Until there is a vaccine for COVID-19, getting more contact with other people means a higher chance of being infected by the deadly virus. Thus, destinations with large crowds shouldn’t be your top bucket-list even if the quarantine is lifted. So where can you safely go? Experts say a remote place seems to be the safest option. Places that are only surrounded by pristine nature and few visitors.

We need to avoid large crowds to be able to control our personal space. Remote place might offer you an extensive beach with less than hundred visitors. Therefore plenty of sunbathe space for you and your family alone. But how about the accommodation? Many hotels will have difficulty in implementing social distancing due to limited land and a large number of occupancy targets. You probably cannot maintain distance with other visitors when going to your own room.

Batik Villa (1 of 1)

Batik Villa at NIKKI Keeping Your Distance at Least 20 Meters with Other Guests

NIKKI have obtained permission to manage 55 hectares of land use on Peucang Island. Due to the large land, the owner decided to build accomodation with a considerable distance from each other. At present, 10 units of Batik Villas are available, built with a 20 meters distance between. This is a lovely bamboo hut 7-meter long from the outdoor bathroom to the front and we limited the capacity for only 2-3 people.

Beforehand, the wide distance between each Batik Villa intended to maintain the guest privacy and limited the visitors. We do not refer to mass tourism because it is not suitable to be applied in national parks. We want the beach to stay clean, animals undisturbed, and the landscape still pristine. Currently, our principle seems to support the WHO health protocol.

Better Use Private Vehicles 

You are safe while at NIKKI because you can easily keep your distance from other visitors. But maybe you are worried about your security during the trip from your home to Peucang Island. To make your trip more comfortable, we advise you to use a private vehicle from Jakarta. Your vehicle can be parked at our branch office in Sumur with free of charge. We provide car rental if you need. For boat trips from Sumur to Peucang Island, you can rent our boat privately.

We know this means more cost. But your health is everything.

Currently Ujung Kulon National Park is still closed until an undetermined time. However, the Indonesian government plans to relax the quarantine of the region in June 2020. 

Contact us at [email protected] for further information. Special discounts apply for early reservation.

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