5D4N Discover Ujung Kulon National Park

Experience the real Javan rain forest. This tour will take you rather deep into the jungle! You’ll stay overnight in different camps. On this trail your “jungle eyes and ears” will be “trained” on various endemic plants, exotic animals and dominant bird-sounds. Hiking up and down hills, cross the river, mangrove forest or even walking on the shore.

This trek path is also known a place of the most threatened rhino species in the world “Javan Rhinoceros”. If you are lucky you can see Rhino.

There’s nothing quiet and feel peace like seduced by the sounds of this breathing planet whether these sounds come from jungle creatures, distance gurgling river or beach waves. We believe this is a great way to rekindle our connection with Nature. Choose your own path and create your self through your experienced.

map_ujungkulon trekking taman jaya

Day 1

Stay overnight at Tamanjaya

Day 2

First-day trekking, checkpoint Cibandawoh

Day 3

Second-day trekking, checkpoint Cibunar

Day 4

Third-day trekking, checkpoint Peucang Island

Day 5

Wildlife viewing at Cigenter River (Canoeing)

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