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3D2N Eco Dive at Ujung Kulon National Park

The dive tour at Ujung Kulon National Park does not only mean meet the barracudas, breathtaking schooling fish, or turtles. Is also means Eco-dive tour. So, besides diving, you’ll do short tracking and canoeing to feel the wildlife sensation of Ujung Kulon National Park.

map Diving ujungkulon

Day 0

Depart from Jakarta

Day 1

Dive I at Badul Island

Canoeing at Handeleum Island

Dive II at Karang Copong (Peucang Island)

Day 2

Dive III at Karang Jajar (Panaitan Island)

Dive IV at Karang Careuh (Peucang Island)

Wildlife viewing at Cidaon

Day 3

Back to Jakarta

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