One of the “must visit” checkpoint at Ujung Kulon National Park. You can see wild bull grazing and peafowl playing. They usually come to grazing on the meadow at 6-7.30am and 4-6pm. But, we have to be extremely careful since it’s also habitat for jaguar, tiger, and horde of coyote. Never visit this place alone and without permit


Long green river located in Handeleum Island, 2 hours by boat from Peucang Island. The river bank is a habitat of estuarine crocodile, python, and Javan rhinoceros. Best for canoeing along the river and feel the wild sensation.


Experience the real Java rain forest. This short jungle trek is an unforgettable experience overnight stay in Tanjung Layar, which known as 0 (zero) tip of Java Island. In about five hours trekking they will nevertheless experience the beautiful nature of the rain forest and see some fascinating wildlife.


Treking about 45 minutes from the lodge, you will find the perfect spot to enjoy the sunset at Peucang Island. Along the way, green peafowl, deer, wild boar, hornbill, eagles, own, and dozen other unique creatures will accompany your walk. You can reach this spot by boat for fishing. Most guest happy fishing at Karang Copong since they often got a big fish.


One of the best small and white island at Ujung Kulon National Park. Surrounded by crystal clear sea water and nice coral reef. Perfect for snorkeling or diving.