The types of biota and coral are not much different at each snorkeling spot. The temperature around 29 degrees C with visibility between 10-17 meters. Most consist of hard corals such as Acropora brancing, Acropora Tabular and Stylophora sp. Soft corals such as sea anemones grown in a small area.

In this coral garden frequently spotted the grouper fish, yellowtails, surgeonfish, lobster, cuttlefish, blue-spotted stingray, lionfish, clownfish, giant trevally, clam, pufferfish, and moray.


The snorkeling spot on the beach in front of Villa Batik is a special spot for us. Starting from the beach in front of Batik Villa number 6 and continuing to the southwest, a stretch of coral is spread along the shore of a clear calm beach. At this location, you can swim directly from the beach and find beautiful coral and lots of fish. Turtles and dugongs have been seen at this location but are very rare and no one has been able to capture them.

If you like to try snorkeling on Ciapus, Citerjun, and Sumino, we will transfer you by boat in just 10-20 minutes from Nikki Peucang Resort.

Tickets: IDR 15,000 / Person        Snorkeling gear rental: IDR 85,000 / set

Snorkeling Around Peucang Island

Swim into the clear calm beach, just like a pool.

There are 4 locations around Peucang Island which have beautiful and healthy coral gardens. First is the beach in front of Batik Villa, the second location is named Ciapus, the third is Citerjun, and the fourth is Sumino.

Snorkeling Spot