Welcome to the Jungle

A lovely new Eco-resort balanced on the middle of Ujung Kulon National Park wilderness, where the pristine
natural environment cover it, white sand and calm beach it takes your breath away. We creatively reinvented the simplicity of the
hotel Eco concept for a nature lovers who look for a place of true relaxation and shared experiences.
This is a simple but gratify Eco-resort, this is what today we call luxury.
batik villa

Batik Villa

Eco concept bamboo house. Each house is equipped with a gazebo. Located only 10 meters away from the coastline. The bamboo carved with batik motif to let you keep feeling the ocean breeze while inside. Feel the undeniable comfort of the queen size bed and the big sofa, also the mystify sensation of the outdoor bathroom.

Flora Room

Located around 50 meters from the coast line. Right in front of the building, there is artificial grasslands where deer, wild boar, monitor lizards are walked, grazed, and slept. If there aren’t many visitors, peacocks will also visit this meadow. It was built in 1989 to welcome the arrival of Prince Charles. Each room is equipped with an in-room bathroom, cabinet, twin or queen size bed, as well as a private balcony overlooking a meadow or the forest. We take care of it and provide it as a standard room.


Batik Restaurant

Exclusive restaurant at the island. We serve seafood, western food, chinese food, barbeque, fresh juice, coffee and tea.

Explore the Restaurant

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