4D3N Ujung Kulon Tour Package

Private Boat & Tour

About the Package

This package made for you who love to get private boat and tour during your visit to Ujung Kulon National Park. The package is divided into two types based on boat types you like to chose: Speed Boat or Wooden Boat. Both have their own excellencies. Wooden Boat is bigger and stable against the waves yet need 2,5 hours to get Peucang Island. Speed Boat is smaller and jumpy but of course faster. It need only 60 minutes to get the Peucang Island.

Private Wooden Boat 

With strict restrictions on the number of passengers

Private & Seclude Room

Batik Villa / Angklung Villa

Family Style Dining

3x Breakfast, 3x Lunch, 3x Dinner

5 Excursion

1x Canoeing, 1x Snorkeling, 1x Wildlife Seeing, 2x Trekking

Health Protocols Enforced Strictly

Negative Covid-19 rapid test result (antigen) required

Ready All Season

Meeting Point:

NIKKI Marina, Desa Sumur, Pandeglang, Banten.


Start at 10.00 AM

Boat depart at 10 am from NIKKI Marina The tour guide will accompany you starting from the jetty.

NIKKI Marina – Handeuleum Island – Cigenter River

First stop is Handeuleum Island. We cruise from the jetty to Handeuleum Island by the boat that you choose. Handeuleum Island is situated among a group of small islands just off the north eastern coast of the Ujung Kulon Peninsula. This is a peaceful location away from the main tourist routes. This island offers canoeing experiences at Cigenter River, with lush forests along the river bank, amazing wildlife and wetlands. The river bank is also habitat of estuarine crocodile, python, and javan rhinoceros. The famous wildlife photographer, Alain Compost, found and took beautiful pictures of the endangered one horned javan rhino at Cigenter River. He finds the rhino after spending weeks at Handeleum Island, crossing the river almost every day. Javan rhinos are extremely shy animals and sensitive to human presence. Great effort required to meet this animal. Nevertheless you will enjoy the canoe activity and if possible (weather factor etc) the canoes can travel deep into the forest.

Peucang Island

After canoe activity, we cruise to Peucang Island by your chosen boat. This island will become your base camp while exploring Ujung Kulon National Park. Peucang Island is truly like a glimpse of heaven. Beautiful and calm. On the south side of the island, there is a lovely coastline. The sand is white and very smooth. When the sun is high and bright enough, the color of the sea changes to magnificent blue. Near the coastline, the color of the water changes to turquoise. The Ujung Kulon Peninsula stretches across the coast, becoming a natural fence that keeps the seawater around this southern coast calm. Seawater only ripples, there are never any waves that exceed the knee of the adults. There is some beautiful coral garden near the beach. Arriving at Peucang Island, you are welcome to check in to the Batik Villa, NIKKI Peucang Resort. Seafront bamboo house at Peucang Island. After check in you have a free schedule. You can just sit at the private gazebo and enjoy the beach, or snorkeling straight in front of the resort. Best coral spot in front of Batik Villa number 6. Since you are in the middle of a very pristine and remote area, please never swim alone or without somebody watching you, and please never swim at night. The dinner was served in the NIKKI Cafe at 7 pm. Then you again have a free schedule.


Ciamea - Tanjung Layar (6 hours trekking across Ujung Kulon Peninsula)

Breakfast served at 7am in NIKKI Cafe. After breakfast (at 8.30am), we sail for approximately 20 minutes to a place called Cibom. And from there we do long trekking to Ciramea then continue to Tanjung Layang (6 hours total). The route to Ciramea through the beautiful and warm tropical forest and ends at Ciramea Beach. The sandy Ciramea coastline is the egg laying site for turtles. Particularly between June and September. This is another remote and beautiful beach at Ujung Kulon National Park. The trek is not over yet, from Ciramea we continue to Tanjung Layar. Over there we will find a historical site. Two lighthouses, an office, and a prison house were constructed in the 1800’s by the Dutch. We prepared lunch in a box and we hope you don't mind enjoying lunch in the middle of wilderness. Then we return to Cibom where you will be transferred back to Peucang Island. You have a free schedule then.

Free Schedule at the Afternoon

We prepared a snack for you to enjoy around 4pm. The dinner was served at 7 pm in NIKKI Cafe.


Karang Copong (3 hours trekking across Peucang Island)

Breakfast served at 7am in NIKKI Cafe. After breakfast (9am), prepare for moderate trekking to Karang Copong (3 hours total). The spot is located at Peucang Island. Along the way, green peafowl, deer, wild boar, hornbill, eagles, owls, and a dozen other unique creatures will accompany your walk. Let’s enjoy lunch after the excursion is done.


At 2 pm, let's swim in the ocean! The boat will take you to beautiful snorkeling spots around Peucang Island and let you enjoy the underwater life for approx 2 hours.

Visit Cidaon Grazing Ground

At 4pm, we will sail for approximately 10 minutes to Cidaon Grazing Ground. A colony of wild bulls regularly visit the Cidaon Grazing Ground every morning and evening, seeking for the grass. Together they enjoy the ground accompanied by peafowl, boar, and sometimes a hornbill passing by. This is the best and most popular location to see the wild bull colony at Ujung Kulon National Park. After enjoying the magical wildlife at Cidaon, we will enjoy the sun goes down at Cidaon Beach then sail back to Peucang Island. The dinner was served at 7 pm in NIKKI Cafe.


Back to Mainland

Boat sailback to NIKKI Marina at 9 am After breakfast (7am), please prepare to check out. At 9 am the boat will take you back to the mainland (NIKKI Marina) and this is the end of the trip.

Package Rates

Stay at Batik Villa

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Stay at Angklung Villa

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  • Private Wooden Boat / Speedboat / Phinisi (Option) 
  • Stay at Angklung Villa / Batik Villa (Private Room)
  • 3x Breakfast, 3x Lunch, 3x Dinner
  • Mineral Water, Tea & Coffee during Stay
  • Canoeing Tickets, All National Park Tickets for Locals, TNUK Insurance, & Guide


  • Land transportation (Car Rental) to and from meeting point (NIKKI Marina)
  • National Park Entrance Tickets for WNA / Foreign Citizen / Kitas Holder (Rp 225,000 / person)
  • Snorkeling gear (Rp 85,000 / set)



  • 2 Hours Offshore Fishing around Peucang Island (Rp 300,000 / group)
  • Fishing Gear (Rp 200,000 / set)
  • 1 Kg Fishing Bait + 1 Box + Ice (Rp 250,000 / set)
  • 2x Dive + Gear + Scuba Tank + Dive Guide (Rp 1,000,000 / person)

How to Book

Please contact us for book or check the rates.

Important Notes

  • Never leave the room with the door still open. Even the bathroom door. The monkey can sneak in and steal your belongings.
  • Better to not enjoy your meals outside the room and the restaurant. The monkey often roughly grabs visitors’ food.
  • Do not feed the animals.
  • Never swim after the sun goes down.
  • Always watch your kids.
  • Electricity power only starts from 6 pm-6am.
  • 4G and phone network available by Telkomsel only.
  • Please wear your mask and keep the physical distance.
  • You’ll come to very pristine and remote area. Prepare to encounter wild boar, monkey, monitor lizard, deer, mosquito, frog, snakes, gecko, spiders, and other unique creatures. Make sure you and your family are not phobic or very disliked with those animals.
  • The wild boar no longer bothered with human presents but please never disturb this animal.

What to Pack

  • Beach is ordinarily a place to enjoy the sun with a bikini. But the dense tropical jungle surround Peucang Island makes the air temperature became cold. Also the itinerary invite us to adventure through jungle beside chill on the beach. So, besides your best bikini, please prepare:
  • Comfortable cotton clothing
  • A light jacket
  • Rain coat, especially in rainy season
  • Comfortable sandals. Avoids flip flops for trekking.
  • Sunhat, sunglasses, sun block, insect repellent 
  • Binoculars
  • Tooth Brush & Paste

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