For guest above 12 yo, kindly please prepare negative Covid-19 rapid test result (antigen) which is valid for a maximum of 7 days from the time of the test result published. It's strictly required to enter the National Park.

NIKKI Peucang Resort priority is now to ensure that all our guests and teams are safe from the transmission of the Covid-19 virus, while staying and using our transfer service. For this reason, we strive to meet the latest safety and hygiene standards. Including measuring body temperature, wearing masks, and updating procedures for cleaning rooms and public areas. The following are details of our new safety and hygiene protocols:

Transfer service

Reduced passenger capacity for both land and sea transfer service.

Driver, boat crew, and guests are required to wear masks during the trip. 

Hand sanitizers are available in vehicles.

The body temperature of each guest will be checked before getting in the car or boat. Any guest with above 37,5 C body temperatures is not allowed to travel with us.

Check-in and Check-out

All teams are required to wear masks and maintain a physical distance with guests. 

For any guests who do not use NIKKI transfer service, the body temperature will be checked. Any guest with above 37,5 C body temperatures is not allowed to stay with us.

Hand sanitizers are available at the reception desk.

Room keys are sanitized before being given to guests.

We provide face masks and shields (charge).


Door handles, toilets and other areas that are often touched by guests carefully disinfected.

Room services are only by request.

Perforated bamboo walls allow the natural sunlight come in and inactivates the virus.


No more than 4 people each table, or more than one family / group.

Two meters distance between each table.

Tables and chairs sanitized before and after use by guests.

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