NIKKI Peucang is the only privately owned eco resort on Peucang Island. Peucang Island is located in the Panaitan Strait, exactly across the western tip of the Ujung Kulon Peninsula. Administratively, Peucang Island is still part of Ujung Kulon National Park conservation area, along with several other islands such as Handeleum Island and Panaitan Island. The Ujung Kulon National Park area itself is the westernmost part of Pandeglang Regency, Banten Province.

NIKKI Peucang Resort is located on Peucang Island which is still part of the Ujung Kulon National Park conservation area.

From Jakarta or other areas, you must first reach NIKKI Marina in Sumur Village, Pandeglang, Banten. Since there are not yet adequate public transportation facilities available, the most convenient option is to reach NIKKI Marina by private car / car rental. The travel time from Jakarta to NIKKI Marina is around 4-5 hours. From NIKKI Marina, the journey continues by boat. The choice of the type of the boat determines the length of the travel at sea. The boat options available are:

  1. Regular wooden boat (3 hours sea travel)
  2. Phinisi (3 hours sea travel)
  3. Speedboat (1 hour sea travel)

Every activity has risks. Includes sea travel. The sea journey to Peucang Island is quite long and passes through the sea area that has been hit by currents from the Sunda Strait. In January – March the sea waves are generally quite high. From April to September, the sea waves tend to be moderate to not surging at all like a calm lake. October – December are the months leading to the period of high sea waves, where sometimes strong winds come which cause the high sea waves. We certainly prioritize the safety of every visitor. In periods of high sea waves, we minimize the risk by monitoring the weather a few days to a few hours before departing. If the weather is very bad and the sea waves are dangerous to pass, we will cancel the trip. We also carry out safety procedures for sea travel such as providing GPS, communication devices, life vest and other safety devices on board.

An option other than sea travel is to take the trekking route along the Ujung Kulon Peninsula by foot. The Ujung Kulon Peninsula area is part of the conservation area so there are no roads and vehicles cannot and are not allowed to enter. From the entrance gate of Ujung Kulon National Park, which is located in the Ujung Jaya District, it takes approximately 3 days to reach Cidaon Pier, the closest pier from Peucang Island. From Cidaon Pier, it takes about 10 minutes by boat to reach Peucang Island.

Children should always be under the reach and supervision of their parents. Monkeys tended to be more willing to grab all the things carried by the children. Especially if children are far from the reach of the adults. Monkeys may scratch or bite when trying to snatch something from humans.

There is only a Telkomsel 4G signal on Peucang Island. Limited signal coverage around the tower location. The dock area, restaurants, Batik 1 to Batik 4, and all Angklung units are covered by signals. The signal no longer reaches Batik 5 to Batik 10.

The road to the meeting point / NIKKI Marina has been paved since the beginning of 2020. There are no more bumpy and difficult dirt roads to pass like before 2020.


There is NO AC in every NIKKI Peucang Resort unit. Unlike other beaches in general, the temperature on Peucang Island tends to be cool because it is surrounded by thick jungle. The temperature on Peucang Island ranges from 24-27 C and may be cooler in July – December. The ventilation in each unit is well designed so that you can fully feel the natural freshness of the surrounding environment and the cool air on Peucang Island.

Currently, there are 10 units of Batik Villa and 3 units of Angklung Villa.

The capacity of Batik Villa is 2-3 people per unit. The capacity of the Angklung Villa is 5-6 people per unit.

All units either Batik Villa or Angklung Villa are set up on the coastline of Peucang Island. So every unit gets the best view.

The meeting point for a complete package service from NIKKI Peucang Resort is at NIKKI Marina, which is located in Sumur Village, Sumur District, Pandeglang Regency, Banten Province.

NIKKI provides car rental services for pick-ups from Jakarta and Tangerang areas.

There is a large and safe car park at NIKKI Marina.

All visitors to NIKKI Peucang Resort get free car parking at NIKKI Marina.

NIKKI does not charge extra for 1 child (under 12 years) for every book 1 (one) unit Batik Villa or Angklung Villa. Breakfast is not available for children who get a free of charge stay.


On Peucang Island you can easily find deer, monkeys, monitor lizards, and wild boar. Bat. hornbills and eagles are also frequently seen flying across Peucang Island. If you enter the Peucang forest, you may meet peacocks. Then you can also see the herd of bulls in the Cidaon Grazing Ground, which is located across from Peucang Island.

Deer and wild boar usually gather on a small savanna located behind the NIKKI Cafe. Bulls are easy to find in the Cidaon Grazing Ground, which is located across from Peucang Island. Other animals such as hornbills, eagles and peacocks are quite difficult to find because they are explorers and tend to avoid humans.

It is very difficult to find rhinos because they usually hang around in the core zone of the national park. The core zone should not be entered by visitors except for research / documentation purposes that have received approval from the national park. Even rhinos may venture outside the core zone, they are very uncomfortable with humans. So usually Rhino chooses to stay away if it detects human presence around it. These animals have a strong sense of smell that can detect human presence from a great distance. There are some records of rhinos attacking when they cannot avoid encounters with humans. So meeting with rhinos in its wild habitat is actually a very dangerous experience.

Ujung Kulon National Park prohibits pets, whether dogs, cats, or other pets from entering the Peucang Island area. Mainly because the monkeys that live on Peucang Island are recorded to always attack pets brought by visitors.

No mosquitoes were found in all units of Batik Villa. Guests report the presence of mosquitoes in all units of Angklung Villa. Mosquitoes are also found inside the Peucang Island forest (not in the beach). Especially in dark and shady places.

There is a python on Peucang Island, but it is rarely found. The wild boar that you meet on Peucang Island are generally used to human presence and never attack. There are no big cats like leopards on Peucang Island.

The Ujung Kulon Peninsula (across from Peucang Island) is a habitat for leopards and estuarine crocodiles. Several guests claimed to have met sharks or crocodiles while snorkeling around Peucang Island.


You can fish at the Peucang Island pier. Anglers usually get giant trevally when fishing at the pier. If you are interested in off shore or deep sea fishing activity, we provide several fishing packages by boat. We also provide bait, ice, and Styrofoam boxes to store your catch (with order in advance).

There is a coral garden on the beach in front of Batik Villa no. 6. You can find this coral by starting to swim directly from the shore in front of Batik Villa no. 6.

As written in the rules for visitors to the Ujung Kulon National Park, every visitor is prohibited from lighting a fire outside the locations that have been determined through strict procedures because it may cause forest fires. Barbeque activities are also prohibited by the national park because it is included in the category of lighting a fire outside the location they have determined.

We highly recommend that you bring a light windbreaker (jacket) to protect you from the sea breezes while on board. Peucang Island is also often very windy. So the jacket will keep you comfortable while outside the room. If you have plans for trekking, especially during the rainy season, we highly recommend that you bring a raincoat or it will be better if the windproof jacket you are carrying is also waterproof. So that we can still do trekking activities even though it is drizzling. If it rains heavily, of course trekking activities should be postponed.


For footwear, in our opinion, the most comfortable and functional option is sandal shoes. Choose comfortable sandals for walking on the sand. It would also be very good if your sandals are not slippery if you walk on wood and are strong against the allure of the forest / swamp land that may be muddy. If you plan on trekking for a long duration such as along the Ujung Kulon Peninsula, it would be better if you also prepare trekking shoes. Flip flops can also be an option to wear in all activities. But your flip-flops might break when you visit the Cidaon Grazing Ground, because the path to this field is a swamp which becomes muddy and sticky during the rainy season. We really don’t recommend using flip-flops when trekking for a long duration.

We provide a one day tour without staying on Peucang Island. If you are interested, for cost information please contact our customer service.

Ujung Kulon National Park prohibits camping activities in all areas on Peucang Island. You are only allowed to camp on the Ujung Kulon Peninsula and Panaitan Island.


The only restaurant available on Peucang Island is NIKKI Cafe which is part of the NIKKI Peucang Resort.

Yes, NIKKI provides a vegetarian menu.

NO. All food available on the NIKKI Cafe menu must be ordered three days before the arrival.

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