A Lovely Beachfront Resort in Peucang Island, Ujung Kulon National Park

Welcome to NIKKI Peucang, an exclusive and environmentally friendly beachfront resort. Located in Peucang Island, a very pristine, remote, and pleasing island in the middle of Ujung Kulon National Park wilderness. Which also considered as the World Heritage Site as this place is the last viable natural population of the most seriously under threat the one-horned Javan rhinoceros. Be ready for meet the wildlife right in front of your room.

NIKKI Peucang Safe Hideaway

For guest above 12 yo, kindly please prepare negative Covid-19 rapid test result (antigen) which is valid for a maximum of 7 days from the time of the test result published. It’s strictly required to enter the National Park.

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2 Uniquely Designed Beachfront Villas

We carefully build the simple but gratify eco-resort as your home in the middle of Ujung Kulon National Park wilderness. Breathe in the fresh air, dive into the turquoise water, listen to the sound of the earth, and sleep in a hut that make you feel connected to nature. Lie down in the midst of pristine environment is the best way to momentarily pause and hide yourself from the stressful city life.

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Batik Villa


Batik Villa


Angklung Villa


Angklung Villa

Interior - 5 Single Bed

Batik Villa


Batik Villa


Angklung Villa


Angklung Villa


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    All Inclusive Package (Boat, Room, Meals, Tour, Tickets, Ranger)

    Stay at Batik Villa (1N)


    Stay at Angklung Villa (1N)


    Stay at Batik Villa (2N)


    Stay at Angklung Villa (2N)


    Wildlife Seeing

    Experiences During the mating season, which is between August – November, lot’s of stag will be out of the forest and come to the shore or meadow where the female deer dwells. The stag will barking and fighting to attract the females. But before or after the mating season is over, stags are normally hide in the forest with their elegance horn.

    Karang Copong Light Trekking

    Experiences Peucang Island is covered by dense tropical rain forests. Guests have the opportunity to enjoy its wonder by walking on the trekking path that divides Peucang Island from the Southeast to the Northwest. Starting from your room at NIKKI Peucang Resort, the end of this path is a beautiful coral beach called Karang Copong. Therefore this path is named Karang Copong trekking path.

    Trekking Through the History of Java First Point

    Experiences There are many paths that cross the Ujung Kulon Peninsula thick jungle. All paths offers a wilderness sensation of Ujung Kulon National Park. However, the path that starts at Cibom and continues to Tanjung Layar is the only route where we can find the relic of human history in the past. Stories of great dreams, glory, and disaster.


    Experiences The snorkeling spot in front of Batik Villa is a special spot for us. Starting from the beach in front of Batik Villa number 6 and continuing to the southwest, a stretch of coral is spread along the clear calm water. At this location, you can enter the water from the shore and will find lots of fish.

    Canoeing on Cigenter River

    Experiences As a complement to a visit to Ujung Kulon National Park, canoeing on the Cigenter river, Handeleum Island, will give a unique sensation. We will feel tense because this is the habitat of pythons, estuarine crocodiles, and Javan rhinos that tend to attack when they see humans rather than flee. But canoeing in a wild river is a truly relaxing thing.

    Observe the Wild Bull Colony at Cidaon Grazing Ground

    Experiences Javan rhinos are not the only animals that are worth to meet in Ujung Kulon National Park. There are no less rare admirable animal, bigger than the fat cow, with strong and exotic-horned, also not as shy as rhino, the wild bull.

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