Kiara Tree

The Kiara tree or the strangler figs is a authentic plant that you can easily find along the trekking path that crossing the Peucang Island.

Kiara trees live by cling to other plants. Its life began with seeds carried by birds or monkeys so that they fall on the top of the host tree. After germination, the tree which has the Latin name Ficus annulata, send down prop roots as tendrils into the ground, wrapped tightly around its host stem. When its tendrils have reached the ground, it ready to be independent trees while continuing to suck the host until it rots and dies.

There is a very large Kiara Tree on Peucang Island. Its width is estimated to reach 20m. It belived to be hundreds of years old and be the only tree that survived the brunt of the tsunami in 1883.

We can reach this magnificent tree only by 20 minutes leisure walk from your rooms. The path is easy to walk on and child friendly.

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