The Javan deer or Cervus timorensis is one of the endemic animals in West Java, Bali and Timor Island. Unfortunately, the population of this beautiful animal continues to decline. Recently the Javan deer has been included in the Red List of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as vulnerable or vulnerable to extinction. The number of adult deer is estimated to be less than 10,000.


Currently, where can we see a deer? For urban residents in West Java, they can see deer at the zoo like Taman Safari or Ragunan, or at captivity like Ranca Upas and the Bogor Palace yard. Meeting deer in the zoo or captivity is certainly fun. But on Peucang Island, Ujung Kulon National Park, you can easily see deer roaming freely in their natural habitat.



Peucang Island, which is not inhabited by humans and large carnivores, is a paradise for Javan deer. The 2012 census recorded about 99 Javan deer living on this island . Female deer or doe commonly have their first fawn at the age of two. After that, every year a doe gave birth to a single fawn. Since there are no predators and hunting activities are prohibited on this small and beautiful island, the current number of deer on Peucang Island may reach more than 200.


We can easily meet and observe deer in the 4,150 square meters wide man made grassland on Peucang Island. Located behind NIKKI Cafe. Deer usually visit the grassland every morning and evening to graze. Deer are also often seen lying in the meadow all night. Most of the deer that visit the grassland are doe that do not have antlers. Only a few male deer or stag graze in the meadows. According to the research of Drs. Mufti Sudibyo, M.Si, et al (2012), young stags tend to choose to separate from the herds and choose to explore the forest. They fear other stags that already have hard horns. When two stags meet each other there is a chance of a fight and the antlers of the young stags which are still prone could be breaking. During the mating season, which is from September to December, stags that have broken horns will always give in and not participate in the competition. Meanwhile the stag must always compete by fighting to get the ideal female.



Some deer are often seen strolling on the beach as well. You could agree it’s a magical moment to see a herd of deer or a beautiful stag with their magnificent antler, calmly strolling or laying down on the white sandy beach, with a tosca  sea water as the background. We’ve seen two stags fighting on the beach. Beautiful but frightening. The winner then approaches the elegant doe, which patiently watches the battle. We are pretty sure the deer loves the Peucang beach as much as we do. 


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