Reason to Visit Peucang Island Beach during Rainy Season

Lots of people ask if it might rain during their arrival period. They wanted to make sure that when they arrived, it would be sunny with no rain at all. Because if it rains, they think that vacation to Peucang Island will be boring. Can’t snorkel, trekking, and do any activities even just walking on the beach.

Some activities are difficult and should not be done when it rains on Peucang Island. Especially snorkeling. Rain, if heavy, usually carries sediment from river mouths to the sea. Change the color of the sea to brown. Visibility is very poor if you snorkel, swim, or dive in the middle of river sediment that floats covering the sea surface to a depth of 5 meters. For water sports enthusiasts, it might be annoying to have a vacation to an island without submerging your body in sea water. But if you don’t mind skipping snorkeling, especially if you don’t really like water and can’t swim, you might actually be grateful to have experienced rain on Peucang Island.

Why is that? I assume most of those who are worried about being bored visiting Peucang Island during the rain are because they have never experienced it. The beach atmosphere on Peucang Island changes completely when it rains. Mainly because of the color. The sky turned gray blue and the sea water reflected the color of the sky. From behind the curtain of rain the colors of the sky and sea look very soft like pastel colors. The forest and mountainous landscape of the Ujung Kulon Peninsula across from Peucang Island looks hazy, foggy, and magical. I have never seen a color like this other than when it rains on Peucang Island or in the middle of the sea. Beautiful, strange, amazing, and unreal. Another reason is because the temperature sometimes drops when it rains to feel very cold. I’m at the beach but I feel cold. Then the smell of rain that soaks the tropical jungle is very fragrant and fresh. The combination of these sensory sensations made me feel like I was in a dream. So instead of feeling bored, I often feel amazed when it rains on Peucang Island.

I once saw a family with two small children playing on the beach when it was drizzling. They wear scuba clothes, build sandcastles and sometimes soak in shallow water. Wearing a scuba suit while playing in the drizzle was a clever idea for me. If we play in the water on the beach, rain or not, we will still be wet, right? I’ve also seen a group consisting of almost elderly, well-to-do, and adventurous women, still determined to carry out trekking activities through the jungles of the Ujung Kulon Peninsula even though the weather was very cloudy and it was drizzling. The trekking path taken is the longest path that we offer. Normally this route can be taken for 5 hours. They left around 8 am but as of 3 pm we have not seen any sign of their return. We were very worried. Moreover, it was raining heavily. We were relieved and happy when their pick-up boat approached the pier of Peucang Island. They did it!

To those who are worried about the rain when visiting Peucang Island, I would like to tell you about the elderly woman who managed to follow a long trekking path in the wilderness of the Ujung Kulon Peninsula when it rained, and the children who were still cheerfully playing on the beach. But of course not everyone has the time to listen to these stories. I want to ask them again. Why are you worried about the rain? What are you afraid of from the rain? Meanwhile, the elderly and children were not at all afraid of the rain. We have seen rain many times in our lives and rain is just an event of water falling from the sky. And the rain makes the temperature more comfortable and the atmosphere more romantic. What’s more? We usually have many discount programs during the rainy season.

Of course, rain also poses a threat. In cases of heavy rain, strong winds and thunderstorms, we strongly advise all visitors to stay indoors. But as great as any, the storm will pass. Rain and lightning will not occur all day. Rain must occur as a gift that nourishes the forest and grows grass. Deer on Peucang Island celebrate the rainy season by fighting over females, making out, and reproducing. With a bit of an adventurous spirit, a cheerful heart, and knowing the limits of safety, enjoying the rain on Peucang Island will be an amazing and unforgettable experience.

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