Free Tumbler For You

Can having a tumbler bottle clean the world of trash? Of course not. But in the midst of a world that is already full of garbage, do you have the heart to add lots of new plastic bottles? We hope not.

Tumbler has now become one of the important lifestyles which is expected to slow down the rate of plastic waste production. Especially for Indonesia, which is currently the second largest producer of plastic waste in the world after China. We want to support this eco-friendly lifestyle. For the sake of Ujung Kulon National Park is kept clean.

We provide this tumbler free of charge to every traveler who booked a tour package from NIKKI Peucang Resort. So, you can use this tumbler as a drink bootle while exploring Peucang Island and Ujung Kulon National Park.

You can ask for mineral water refills anytime and anywhere while on tour with us. Beside available at NIKKI Restaurant, gallon water is also available on board. So, if you visit Ujung Kulon National Park with NIKKI Peucang Resort, we facilitate you so that we together keep Ujung Kulon National Park sustainable.

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