Visit Ujung Kulon National Park; The Real Adventure Style Office Outbound

Beautiful nature and a real challenge.

We believe these two things are what you need to build an intimacy between people.

The wilderness may not be for everyone. Especially for city dwellers, who have never set foot on the ground and walked far among the thick jungle, who are not used to being among the bustling universe life other than humans; the smallest insects, mammals, to large birds.

But those who have experienced it, will know how happy and proud it is to be a self that has succeeded in overcoming fear. How fresh is the pristine forest. And when we remember the times when we walked with friends through the rain in the midst of the majesty of nature, it turned out to bring happiness.

The challenges of the wild will change you. Its beauty will touch your heart, and bring you closer to other human beings who were with you at that time.

We do not provide outbound games as you usually find, with ropes or other artificial tools.

We invite you to feel a real challenge in nature. Absorb the freshness and beauty of Ujung Kulon National Park.


Many thanks and love for BE Partners

NIKKI Peucang Resort @ 2024
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