How Many Days to Spend in Ujung Kulon National Park? Here the 4 Days Perfect Ujung Kulon Itinerary

The challenge of getting to Ujung Kulon National Park is reaching its remote location. From the nearest airport, Soekarno Hatta International Airport, the travel time required to arrive at Ujung Kulon National Park is 6 – 8 hours. That is a 5-hour road trip, plus 1 hour for sea travel if using a speedboat or 3 hours for sea travel if using a slow wooden boat.

Just a two-day visit to Ujung Kulon National Park is very possible. However, considering the long travel time required, if you depart from Jakarta, we recommend preparing a visit of 4 days and 3 nights. Where the first day is the time for your journey from Jakarta to Ujung Kulon National Park, then the second and third days are the time for you to enjoy your visit there, and the fourth day is the time for the return trip to Jakarta.

We will give you a guide for planning a trip to Ujung Kulon National Park for 4 days and 3 nights,  with interesting activities from exploring the forest to swimming in the clear sea water of Peucang Island.

DAY 1: Early departure from Jakarta

Get ready for a fun road trip to NIKKI Marina. After leaving Jakarta, a big city full of pollution, traffic jams, and dense buildings, you will be presented with views of sprawling rice fields, alternating with views of hilly forests. As you get closer to NIKKI Marina, you will often see the sea. The safest time for boats to depart from NIKKI Marina is 2 pm at the latest. Considering that the travel time from Jakarta to NIKKI Marina is around 5 hours, it is recommended that you depart around 7 am from Jakarta. So, you have to wake up early today.

1.1 Route to NIKKI Marina

If you depart from Jakarta, you can take the Merak toll road and then exit at the East Serang toll gate or the Panimbang toll gate. The Panimbang Toll Gate is a relatively new toll lane, which may cut travel time by around 30 minutes. Exiting the toll road, you can continue towards Jl. Raya Rangkasbitung, then continued to Jl. Raya Labuan, and just continue following the directions from Google Maps until you arrive at NIKKI Marina which is located on Jl Taman Nasional Ujung Kulon.

1.2 Land Transportation Options

There is no adequate public transportation to NIKKI Marina. So, the most convenient option to get to the entrance to Ujung Kulon National Park is by private vehicle. If you need it, we provide pick-up and drop-off facilities to NIKKI Marina with a choice of Avanza, Calya, or HiAce cars.

For price information, please contact our customer service.

1.3 Sea Transportation Options

Arriving at NIKKI Marina, the journey will continue by boat. Why do you have to go by ship? The only area in Ujung Kulon National Park where accommodation facilities are available is Peucang Island. Peucang Island will be your base camp while exploring Ujung Kulon National Park.

We have three boat options to take you to Peucang Island. First is the standard wooden boat with a capacity of 8 people, then there is the Phinisi boat with a capacity of 15 people and a speed boat with a capacity of 7 people.

The sea travel time for standard wooden boats and Pinisi is 3 hours. Meanwhile, the travel time by sea by speedboat is around 1 hour.

For price information, please contact our customer service.

DAY 2: Explore the Forest, Meet the Rare Birds, See the Beauty of the Geosite

Peucang Island sits in the Panaitan Strait, across the westernmost side of the Ujung Kulon Peninsula. This green island is part of the Ujung Kulon National Park conservation area. That’s why it has well-preserved forests and seas. If you want to explore both, we suggest using the second day for forest exploration activities and the third day to enjoy the beauty of the sea and underwater.

2.1 Exploring the Fantastical Forest of Peucang Island

Peucang Island is covered by dense tropical rain forests. Guests have the opportunity to enjoy its wonder by walking on the trekking path that divides Peucang Island from the Southeast to the Northwest. Starting from your room at NIKKI Peucang Resort, the end of this path is a beautiful coral beach called Karang Copong. Therefore this path is named Karang Copong trekking path.

The length of this path is about 3 km with a width of 1 m. By a leisurely walk, the average visitor takes this route for 3 hours round way. Almost along the path is a flat surface. There is only one easy incline at the endpoint. So, if you are keen you can wear sandals and skirts throughout the trip.

The Kiara tree or the strangler figs is an authentic plant that you can easily find along this trekking path.

Kiara trees live by clinging to other plants. Its life began with seeds carried by birds or monkeys so that they fall on the top of the host tree. After germination, the tree which has the Latin name Ficus annulata, sends down prop roots as tendrils into the ground, wrapped tightly around its host stem. When its tendrils have reached the ground, it is ready to be independent trees while continuing to suck the host until it rots and dies.

There is a very large Kiara Tree on Peucang Island. Its width is estimated to reach 20m. It is believed to be hundreds of years old and be the only tree that survived the brunt of the tsunami in 1883.

2.2 Encounters with Peacocks and Hornbills

Hundreds of bird species live naturally in Ujung Kulon National Park. But no need to scour the massive natural reserve, as the one of the best bird watching is concentrated in Peucang Island.

Hornbill (Buceros rhinoceros), green peacock (Pavo munticus), collared kingfisher (Todirhamphus chloris), spotted dove (Streptopelia chinensis) are some of birds that are easily found or hear when you cross this Karang Copong trekking path calmly.

2.3 Get to Know the Karang Copong Geosite

Ujung Kulon Geopark was finally officially designated as a National Geopark on November 10, 2023. The good news is that one of the Geoheritage is on Peucang Island. That is a big, beautiful rocky hill, located on the opposite side of the island, named Karang Copong. 

Karang Copong means hollow coral. In this place there is a coral cliff with a hole in the middle due to eroded currents. When the water rises, the cliffs are separated from Peucang Island. But during low tide, stretches of coral that connect Peucang Island with coral cliffs are visible. Here you can try catching big fish by casting or just enjoying the sunset, since this place is one of the best locations to enjoy when the sun goes down on Peucang Island.

DAY 3: Enjoy the clear sea on Peucang Island

Peucang Island is surrounded by beautiful and healthy coral gardens. Soft corals such as sea anemones grow in several areas. Grouper fish, surgeonfish, lobster, cuttlefish, blue spotted stingray, lionfish, clown fish, and puffer fish are often spotted throughout the coral gardens.

3.1 The Marine Area on Peucang Island is a Conservation Area

Ujung Kulon National Park has strict regulations regarding fishing in its marine areas. Fishing with a net for both small and large industries is prohibited. Only fishing with a fishing rod as a recreational activity is allowed. The sea which is well maintained with abundant fish such as in Ujung Kulon National Park marine areas is surely a paradise for fans of underwater activities.

3.2 Snorkeling locations around Peucang Island

There are 4 locations around Peucang Island which have beautiful and healthy coral gardens. 

First is the beach in front of Batik Villa, the second location is named Ciapus, the third is Citerjun, and the fourth is Sumino.

The types of biota and coral are not much different at each snorkeling spot. Most consist of hard corals such as Acropora branching, Acropora Tabular and Stylophora sp. Soft corals such as sea anemones grow in a small area. Grouper fish, surgeonfish, lobster, cuttlefish, blue spotted stingray, lionfish, clown fish, and puffer fish are often spotted throughout coral gardens.

If you like to try snorkeling on Ciapus, Citerjun, and Sumino, we will transfer you by boat in just 10-20 minutes from Nikki Peucang Resort.

3.3 Not Satisfied? Continue swimming directly in front of the room

The snorkeling spot in front of Batik Villa is a special spot for us. Starting from the beach in front of Batik Villa number 6 and continuing to the southwest, a stretch of coral is spread along the clear calm water. At this location, you can enter the water from the shore and will find lots of fish. Turtles and dugongs have been seen at this location but are very rare and no one has been able to capture them.

DAY 4: Taste the Local Culinary on the Way Back to Jakarta

Traveling wouldn’t be complete without tasting the typical culinary dishes of the regions we visit. On your way back to Jakarta, here are our restaurant recommendations you wouldn’t want to miss.

4.1 Otak-otak RM Ibu Entin

RM Ibu Entin actually serves a large selection of dishes. Starting from grilled fish or chicken, and other side dishes. All the dishes are delicious. But the special menu of this restaurant is otak-otak. Different from the others, the taste of RM Ibu Entin’s otak-otak is delicious since they cooked it with a lot of coconut milk. This restaurant is large and comfortable, the bathrooms are clean and has ample parking. This restaurant is suitable for you to fill your stomach on your way back to Jakarta, or just stop by and take the otak-otak home as souvenirs.

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