Canoeing Through The Wilderness

Handeuleum Island is situated among a group of small islands just off the north eastern coast of the Ujung Kulon Peninsula. This is a peaceful location away from the main tourist routes. The island offers canoeing experiences at Cigenter River, with lush forests along the river bank, amazing wildlife and wetlands. The river bank is also habitat of estuarine crocodile, python, and javan rhinoceros. 

The famous wildlife photographer, Alain Compost, found and took beautiful pictures of the endangered one horned javan rhino at Cigenter River. He finds the rhino after spending weeks at Handeleum Island, crossing the river almost every day. Javan rhinos are extremely shy animals and sensitive to human presence. Great effort required to meet this animal. Nevertheless you will enjoy the canoe activity and if possible (weather factor etc) the canoes can travel deep into the forest.

What to Wear

Comfortable sandals. We will get our feet wet. Please do not use shoes.

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