Anak Krakatau – A Travel Guide

Anak Krakatau presents a beautiful and odd view. A volcano in the middle of the sea with smoke rising from its caldera. Surrounding it are small islands with fresh air. The oceans around are healthy, full of colorful coral and fish. Visiting Anak Krakatau is a good opening destination before continuing the trip to Ujung Kulon National Park. NIKKI Peucang has facilitated many guests who want to visit Mount Anak Krakatau. If you are also...

Tranquil End Year at NIKKI Peucang Resort​, Ujung Kulon National Park

Tranquil End Year at NIKKI Peucang Resort The new year is a moment celebrated by almost everyone in the world. People will go to tourist sites, stay up all night for drinking, barbecue, then light the fireworks at the turn of the year. The song from the loudspeaker and the noise of the trumpet also enlivened the night.  Have you ever thought of being in a quieter place during new years eve? A better place to reflect on what has happened in...

Guide to Animal Observation on Small Savanna at Peucang Island

Guide to Animal Observation on Small Savanna at Peucang Island Morning Edition Mornings on Peucang Island are never quiet. But it's not the noise of the engine that fills the air. Morning is the time for herds of deer to graze, a tribe of monkeys sneaking around looking for food, black storks lurking on the beach, birds flying and singing, and a small sea creature jumping away from the big jaws that want to prey on them. In the morning, this...
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