Is Surili Living Happy in Ujung Kulon National Park?

Is Surili Living Happy in Ujung Kulon National Park? Ujung Kulon National Park protects one of the endemic primates of West Java, which is currently very rare. As it seems, her name is very pretty and cute; surili. Its small body size is covered with long hair. His face became even funnier because he had a topknot. Like many stories about why certain animals are so rare, surili has more or less the same story as to why there are only 5,500...

Perlengkapan “Nggak Standar Pantai” yang Wajib dibawa Kalau Kamu Berlibur ke Pulau Peucang

Kalau kamu ada rencana liburan ke Pulau Peucang, perlengkapan yang wajib dibawa saat liburan ke pantai seperti sunblock, sandal, air mineral, dan bikini mungkin sudah masuk ke dalam tas kamu. Tapi tunggu dulu. Pulau Peucang adalah pulau yang lokasi dan cuacanya spesial. Ada beberapa perlengkapan “nggak standar pantai” yang sebaiknya juga kamu bawa. Percaya, deh. Kalau kamu bawa list perlengkapan di bawah ini, liburan kamu di Pulau Peucang...


The Javan deer or Cervus timorensis is one of the endemic animals in West Java, Bali and Timor Island. Unfortunately, the population of this beautiful animal continues to decline. Recently the Javan deer has been included in the Red List of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as vulnerable or vulnerable to extinction. The number of adult deer is estimated to be less than 10,000. Currently, where can we see a deer? For...
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